Abdiyah, 37.

"I miss my parents and all our memories."

Meghrebi, 19

"When I draw, I forget life here in the Camp."

Jamila, 9.

Hala, 11

"I miss safety"

Seham, 13

"I lost my uncles, my aunts, my grandfather and my grandmother."

Hend, 10

"My life has changed. I miss my friends"

Hassan, 70

" Life in the camp is tiring. But complaining to someone other than God is a humiliation."

Farah, 12

"I feel happy when I go to school and learn"

Wahba, 13

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up."

Ayat, 11

"I love studying. My favorite subject is the Holy Qur'an. When I read it, I feel peace and relief."

Angam, 7

She stopped going to school because her family cannot afford schoolbooks, bags and uniforms

Salem, 37

"I hope that the future will be better for our children, more beautiful than what we live in now."

Kamal, 35

"All I wish for is for my son to be cured."


Portraits of Resilience

This portrait series was photographed in south Yemen in late 2020 by photographer Giles Clarke. It is the result of years of work documenting Yemen and the lives of those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. It highlights the resilience, strength and hope of the Yemeni people.